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Gangaalaharii of Jagannatha Panditaraja – An Introduction in Samskrit by Dr. HR Vishwas

Gangaalahari is a widely acknowledged poetic masterpiece in Samskrit by a medieval Sanskrit poet Jagannatha panditaraaja, a renowned 17th-century Samskrit

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Indian Technology for the Modern Times

Samskrit Speech of Shri Chamu Krishna Shastry (co-founder of Samskrita Bharati and the Speak Samskrit Movement)

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vedokta prakriti vijnaanam – Ecology according to Indian Vedic Wisdom – Part 1 of 5

This is part 1 of a 5-part Samskrit lecture series on Indian Vedic View of Ecology or knowledge of the

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Kaarakam: The Elegance of Sanskrit Grammar

This is a 3-DVD lecture on Sanskrit Grammar, by a renowned scholar in the field, Dr. R. Devanathan, the former

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Sanskrit Lecture series on Kalidasa’s Raghuvamsham 2nd Sarga

This is the intro to a detailed 7-DVD video lecture on Kalidasa’s famous Raghuvamsham by an authority on the subject,

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manah-prashamanopaayaaH: A Sanskrit Discourse on the Vedic Science behind Calming the Mind

A Sanskrit discourse on Indian Scientific methods of mind-control by a renowned Vedantic Scholar, Prof. Ramachandra Bhat of Veda Vijnana

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