Vision and Mission

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Revival of Samskrit as a mass communication language (Janabhaashaa) and facilitation of common man’s access to its vast knowledge treasure.


  • To engender cultural renaissance of Bharat by bringing Samskrit back to the mainstream.
  • To attain social harmony and national integration by taking samskrit to the masses regardless of caste and creed.
  • To promote study and research of original texts in lakhs of manuscripts that are yet unexplored
  • To inspire people to study our traditional sciences ( shastras) like Yoga, Vedanta, Linguistics, Dance & Drama and others in the medium of Samskrit.

One Response to Vision and Mission

  1. karthikeyan says:

    i m residing hosur ,tamilnadu ( near bangalore )
    i would like to learn and speak samskritam because
    i m willing to study vedas and live so

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