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Samskrita Bharati is –

  • A movement for the development of Samskrit language, literature and mankind.
  • It is registered as a Trust and also under Section 12A of IT Act.
  • The Movement, called “Speak Samskrit Movement”, started in 1981 in Bangalore and it was later named and registered as “Samskrita Bharati” in 1995 in Delhi.
  • Samskrita Bharati is also an organization of dedicated volunteers, who strive for the popularization of Samskrit, Samskriti and the Knowledge Tradition of Bharat.
  • Donations to Samskrita Bharati are exempted from Income Tax under 80G
  • It is also registered under FCRA under Home Ministry, Govt. of India
  • Samskrita Bharati works with like-minded institutions and individuals
  • Its activities are spread to more than 2000 places all over the country
  • The benefits of Samskrita Bharati’s activities go to all, irrespective of caste, gender, region and the religion.
  • All India office is in Delhi. State offices are in State capitals. There are Working Committees at All India, State, District and Local levels.

The objectives of Samskrita Bharati as enumerated in the Trust Deed are-

  • To promote the study and knowledge of Samskrit by diverse means and to make the learning of Samskrit easy and accessible to the masses.
  • To co-ordinate the work and functioning of all institutions in Bharat and outside – devoted to the spread of the knowledge and study of Samskrit, by affiliation, association or otherwise so as to link the work of all such organizations for more effective and rapid spread of Samskrit.
  • To convert the language of Samskrit into a popular and mass language and to create a mass awareness to turn the spread of Samskrit from being an academic exercise to a movement.
  • To cause the research into Samskrit to establish its true worth and potentiality as a scientific language.
  • To establish or aid in the establishment of institutions intended to promote the study and spread of the language of Samskrit and to give encouragement, assistance, stipend, honorarium, pension and other means of supporting social workers, scholars in the language of Samskrit and any ancient literature with language of Samskrit.
  • To study and conduct debates and discourses upon the unifying and harmonizing principles of Samskrit as the common point of linguistic study and the common medium of relationship between world languages.
  • To promote study and research into ancient Samskrit literature (including mythology), arts, music, sculpture, dance and to demonstrably present them as the mechanism that elevates and integrates the humans on the cultural and psychological planes.
  • To promote study and research into all Samskrit literature on the ancient heath care systems in Bharat including Ayurveda, other methods of holistic approach to health and to undertake research in to all traditional science and technologies of Bharat and also Social Science with Samskrit literature as the base.
  • To conduct discourses, debates, seminars, meetings, classes to propagate and disseminate knowledge, information and understanding in any area of study and research with which the Foundation is concerned and to promote any of the objects of the Foundation.
  • To print and publish books, magazines, news bulletins, newspapers and to exploit all means of communication to spread knowledge and information on any field for furtherance of the object of which will only on no profit or loss basis and separate books of accounts shall be maintained in accordance with the provision of Income Tax Act (1961);
  • To accept contributions and gifts and to own and possess properties and to do all such things as may be necessary of incidental for attaining the objects of the Foundation.

6 Responses to The Organization

  1. Dr. M. T. Alwar says:

    My son has showed the same to me while he is doing goog ling. I am Very happy to see this technological development in the area of Sanskrit.

    Let us spread this holy language with latest technology to the society. There is every need to protect this and create awareness to the youth.

    We would like to join sanskrit bharati mission.

  2. I have started a Yahoogroup “Sanskrit University”, as shown above.
    Tamilnadu does not have a Sanskrit University. All other neighbour States are having it.
    The Sanskrit College in Mylapore, Chennai, is struggling for staying alive. If an offer comes for help, Samskrita Bharati should take over it and develop is a wonderful University.
    This is my vision, while starting this Group

  3. Dr.Anoop Nath says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I myself interested to be a part of your mission. I want to learn sanskrit and also want to facilitate my classes of sanskarshala which I have been running for teaching, moral education, Bhartiye sanskriti and yoga through my organization (Maa Aadhyeshakti Holistic Health & Care Foundation Reg. We would like to join sanskrit bharati mission. Please guide us regarding.
    Dr.Anoop Nath

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